Halloween. We carved pumpkins with friends yesterday. This is the back of Andrew's. 

Andrew's black widow and my gnarled old tree. 

My Halloween costume at the school's festivities. Throughout the day, my kiddos called me a gangsta, a boy, and a rapper. But I was supposed to be a student. See the backpack?

 ...the wildly popular, silly-shaped bracelets?

...and this T-shirt I found at the Deseret Industries Thrift Store last night?

I was a STUDENT...modeled privately after the large handful of rowdy boys I have been blessed with this year. *ahem*

I do so adore dressing up for Halloween. (You might remember last year's costume from THIS POST.) But I have come to the conclusion that guy's baggy styles far outweigh the heels and skirts of the fairer sex. It was like wearing pajamas all day long, I tell you!

I was looking for something to watch on Netflix while I graded a mountain of tests, and chose a documentary on stress. Why I chose such a topic, I'm not sure. Maybe it's because it is my normal, constant state of being. The emotion feels comfortable. Homelike. Oddly enough, stressed is the only way I feel content. When I'm not stressed, I begin to get stressed that there's something I should be stressing about.

But  after watching this documentary and seeing what stress does to the human body (clogged arteries, weakened heart, weight gain, a haywire reproductive system, ulcers, headaches, lack of self control, depression, weakened immune system, dead brain cells, loss of memory, and loss of ability to learn new concepts), I concluded that I will probably die in the next 10-20 years. It was stressful just learning about stress!

And I'm sure it didn't help that I spent the week very conscious of my stress level and imagining its effects on my quickly deteriorating body. 


Andrea said...

Great costume. You're so fun!
I stress out too and it's starting to do crazy things to my body. I'm working on "not stressing" but it is requiring me to change my whole self...which I'm not sure I know how/want to do??! Confusing.

Spencer and Celeste said...

Love the costume! Do you hate those silly bands as much as I do?

Cheryl said...

You should try yoga

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