Howdy, folks. This week's focal points...

Friday night, we went to see the long awaited Harry Potter movie. Andrew's been preparing with the earlier films for weeks. 

The new Harry Potter movies are really the only flicks we deem worthy of paying full price in the theater for. Usually, we just wait to Red Box 'em. 

The verdict? 
  • Because this book has been divided into two movies, it was fun how true to the book they were able to stay. 
  • The special effects were incredible.
  • It certainly earned its PG-13 rating. 
  • Some scenes seemed much more intense and emotional in the book than in the movie. Such as: killing Nagini and Ron destroying the horcrux.
  • The acting sure improves each time.
  • Overall, we LOVED it. 

I don't really want to talk about it. 

But an evening spent pouting spurred me to give it some thought. I don't want the grumpiness in one aspect of my life to begin poisoning home. And my recent habit of negative thought and speech is transforming me into a bitter, unhappier me. By bedtime I concluded, and felt a distinct impression, that I need a serious attitude adjustment. 

No more gossip. A mindset steeped with gratitude. And a stronger daily reliance on the Atonement. {Why do I insist on doing it alone?}

Well, here comes another week.
Wish me luck. 

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Amelia Brame said...

Love Harry Potter :)

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