Third grade math.
I had just made a list of Roman numerals on the board.

"Those are the Super Bowl Numbers!" shouted one football-frenzied student from the back.

I concurred. But explained that is not where they came from nor is it all they are used for. I described the origin of Roman numerals and all the ways we use them today. Wrapping up my explanation, I thought I had been fairly clear, and was ready to move on.

That was, however, before a blonde gal from the front raised her hand to ask a very sincere question:

"So...do you mean like Ramen Noodles?"

Maybe we should start over...



Andrea said...

Too funny!
I like how you made mention of the blonde hair...Coincidence?

Jessica said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Kids say the best things and it's amazing how much can be lost in translation. Thanks for the story.

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