I consider myself to be fairly wise with my money--budgeting and saving and frugality--but I have two big weaknesses...used books being one of  them...that I will lay money down for just as fast as it takes to get the debit card out of my wallet.  My other weakness, I would have to admit, is Christmas decorations. 

Christmas seemed to come and go with a wild, whirlwind-y bang this year. December was insanely busy. I was so excited to get out my holiday decorations, and yet, I feel like I was hardly able to enjoy them before it was time to put them away again.  

It has all been rather heartbreaking. 

And so, as part of the mourning process, I am going to relish in their festiveness one last time before next year: all the trinkets, trees, nativities, Christmas pillows, and stockings...Ah, how I love them. 

Remember my new Christmas wreath? She looked scrumptious hanging on our living room mirror. 

We received these stockings as a wedding present. They are pretty, and we like to hang them up to make the room look Christmas-y.

But these are the stockings that we use and love. Andrew's mom made one for each of the Ashmores. 

And I am happy to announce that I became an official member of the family this year, when I received my very own stocking in the mail! Check out the beautiful details...


Okay. Now take note of the wooden reindeer stocking holders

When I packed them away last year, I wrote this on the box partly to make Andrew laugh, and partly in effort to keep him from roughly pulling them out and causing damage. 

But guess who ended up breaking THIS delicate antler? I'll give you one clue.

It wasn't Andrew. 

And finally, our lovely nativity. It was joined this year by a stand and star (thanks to Grandma Johnson) and a mini bale of hay (thanks to me). I think it looks complete now, don't you?

Well, I guess that concludes Christmas Decor Tour 2010. Until next year...

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Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Very cute! Definitely two thumbs up!

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