Hello, Andrew. That is certainly a weird hat you've got on there.
After years of hard work an sacrifice...

Andrew is the first college graduate in his family!

I cried through the entire thing. This was the result of several factors:

1.) I was proud beyond words.
2.)I was miserably feverish.
3.)I had insomnia from 1-4 that morning and was horribly sleep deprived.
All of these contributed to one very emotional me.

This was the first graduating class to hold commencement in the newly built BYU-Idaho Center. In case this picture doesn't illustrate it, the place is HUGE.

Its size is comparable to the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, which seats 21,000 people. The BYU-Idaho Center is the same design on a slightly smaller scale. It only seats 15,000.

The other half of Andrew's waving, screaming fan club.

After commencement, the College of Physical Science and Mathematics moved to the Taylor Chapel for convocation.

Beforehand, Andrew chats with his good friend, Dave.

"...Andrew Dee Ashmore...Bachelor's in Construction Management..."


This professor ("Mort") came to shake Andrew's hand afterward, and they both bawled like babies. As such, I figured this would be an important picture to take. Andrew always seems to make best buds with the old guys.

The graduate.

And the proud wife.

...I apologize. This couldn't be helped.

Congrats, Andrew! Now, on to the future, our business, and home building for new professors moving in to teach at the growing University.

That's right. We are both graduated and yet, we are sticking around our small-town Rexburg, Idaho. Who'da thunk we'd settle here? But we are excited for what the future will bring!


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Before I read one of your comments I was thinking "wow, that new buidling sure looks like the conference center..." funny! Go Andrew!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Andrew!

Spencer and Celeste said...

Hip, hip, hooray! We are so happy for both of you!

Michael said...


Craison said...
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Andrew said...

thanks for the kind words everybody!

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