MEMORY MONDAY--wide open spaces

Lake Powell near Glen Canyon Dam. That's my 7th grade band shirt, so I'm guessing this is Junior High-ish era.

Isn't that incredible scenery? My family made this trip between Arizona and Utah probably a hundred times. Idaho has a beauty all of its own that is just as stunning in its own way. But sometimes I forget how much I miss the desert. No matter how long I've been away, this landscape still feels apart of my soul. Just stick some Saguaro cacti in there to make it complete.

What is it that would make me long for the desert now? Could it be the three feet of snow out my living room window? Hmm. 

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Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I am the same way! I miss Albuquerque so much! When we lived in WA people could never understand why I didn't love the endless green and rain.

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