Some good things happened at our house on Christmas. Let me fill you in on the top three favorites of the holiday...

#3.) The  family game we opened on Christmas Eve this year was Ticket to Ride. Many hours of cross-country train adventuring followed. 

#2.) Chocolate. Fondue. Enough said. 

Except for one thing. You can't go wrong with chocolate. We dipped bananas, pretzels, brownie bites, strawberries, marshmallows, and dried pomegranates! And the verdict?

All good. All favorites.

And while we're on the topic, just let me add: it only took whipping cream and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips melted on the stove. I found the recipe HERE and simplified it.

Oh, and I would recommend halving it. Even after the exorbitant amounts of chocolate we ate, there was still a LOT left over.

On a side note--for all those out there who raised their eyebrows at the mention of dried pomegranates--it was just our attempt at recreating this insane sweet (insane meaning TOTALLY FREAKIN AWESOME) shared by some certain fine family members of ours.

Really hard to keep on the fondue forks...but otherwise, delicious.

I think we found a new Christmas Eve tradition. 

And finally...#1) The top favorite holiday moment was opening this most treasured of gifts. Wrapped in tissue paper and mailed from Washington...a necklace and bracelet set handcrafted by my nephew Braxton.

This is Braxton. 
Five years old and already in tune with what the ladies love. 

Funky, sparkly, made out of pipe cleaners, and completely fabulous. You can't go wrong with jewelry. Thanks, Brax.

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Andrea said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your gift from Brax. He thought of that all by himself! One night while I was crafting he whipped up that beautiful set and told me it was for YOU!
You are sweet. I think fondue is a great tradition!

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