A sweet day, indeed.

I made chicken and dumplings for dinner... a recipe I've been wanting to try from HERE for a long time now. Definitely a new favorite for both of us.

Andrew quietly set the table and surprised me with the fancy...er...plastic goblets, fancy folded napkin art, candles, and a hidden ipod playing mushy background music.

Whether or not this was accompanied by smooches and slow dancing in the kitchen is not really any of your business.


For dessert, Andrew presented me with a giant frosted cookie.

I couldn't decide if I loved him for it or hated him for it.

Then, we got to open three {yummy}Valentine packages from family!

{Excited to try out this new book!}

And I had to share a favorite student-made Valentine:

The kissy couple on the sticker has been labeled: "Mrs. Ashmore" and "Mr. Ashmore." Ha!


Jarmandashmar said...

Rachel, I love reading your blog because you are amazing :) It also makes me very jealous that I can't do it as well as you, but encourages me too! Miss you guys.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

So cute! I want to try that recipe : ).

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