For Valentine's Day, I'm giving my kiddos suckers attached to felt lips and mustaches. Then, when they put the sucker in their mouths, they look like this:

Andrew and I should totally take up modeling.
The felt cost me $1.50 and the suckers $1.79. A girl I grew up with posted about this on her blog, and I've been looking forward to trying it with my class ever since. She got her idea from HERE. 

The downloadable template made them kinda big, so I think the lips need some de-botox-ifying before I cut out the rest.
But anyway, if you're looking for a last minute idea, this one is kinda fun. Send them with your kids for their school Valentine parties.

Don't Andrew's muttonchops look sexy?

A little bit, maybe?


Andrea said...

Super Super Cute!!
Great modeling too!

Katie Koivisto said...

Oh my heck, these are ADORABLE! You're such an awesome teacher. Your school kids are going to remember this for years!

Jenny B said...

I love how big they are!! You guys are adorable.

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