Last month, my in-laws relocated twelve hours closer. We drove down to Utah help them move in.

And wouldn't you know it, it poured the entire time.

It was one wet, drippy, soggy, soaked-through kind of day.

After the trucks were unloaded, our niece made good use of all the fun packaging.

The "princess dress" she personally designed for me, certainly pushed the fashion envelope.

I mean, sure, it was pretty. But I usually prefer those that aren't quite so transparent.

And then she got really creative with Andrew's princess dress.

The rain falling in Utah, we knew would be falling as snow in Idaho. Do we leave now to try and beat the storm blowing in? Or do we wait til morning with the chance that it could be really bad after the fact? It's always a gamble either way.

We chose to leave that night and stay ahead of the storm...

But Unfortunately, we hit the Malad Pass just as things got exceptionally bad.

When the accumulation became so deep that we couldn't even tell where the highway was anymore, we followed the last set of tire tracks we could find--ending up in a hick town Chevron parking lot. It was also where every last, late-night traveler was parked...also stranded by the storm...just waiting it out.

I've never seen snow fall so thickly in my life. Oh, how we regretted not staying the night in Utah. All we wanted was sleep!

Eventually, the snowfall slowed to the point that we could see out the windows. Then, we saw the flashing lights of a snowplow pass us toward the highway, and we tentatively ventured out toward home.

We pulled in our driveway about 4:30 a.m...a four-hour trip having turned into over eight...long... hours. It was a horrible night.

The moral of the story is, of course: Don't ever, under any circumstances, let a four-year-old encase your head with plastic wrap.

The lack of oxygen to you brain can only hinder your decision making skills. I don't care how cute she is.

Consider yourself warned.

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