We had house guests this weekend that included these crazy cats.

On Saturday, we took Andrew's brothers snowboarding to Grand Targhee

Hi, Ryan!

Sunny when we arrived, but blizzarding by the time we hit the slopes. Perfect, powdery snow all afternoon!

 I love that the guys are having no problem going slow.

But I shouldn't make fun too badly. This picture was taken from inside the tree well I crashed into and couldn't get out of. I was trying to improve my toe-side skills at the time. 
I'm getting better...really! I'm just not there yet. 
Let me just add: it isn't polite to applaud and jeer sarcastically from the ski lift when someone below you tumbles head over feet down the mountain. 

{Luckily, the snow was soft.} 

Favorite snowboarding experience yet! Better than Kelly Canyon by a million miles...and even beat fancy  Sun Valley. If you're in Idaho itchin' for the slopes...definitely go for Targhee. 

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