FOCAL POINT FRIDAY--purple, silky bra

The focal points of the week...best and worst...

*(7:30 a.m.) I catapult out of bed at about the time I am supposed to be arriving at work.

*(10:15 a.m.) A few minutes before the superintendent and the entire school board parade through my classroom, I spill my berry breakfast smoothie down the front of my blouse and favorite pair of pants.

*(2:35p.m.) I walk exhausted into the restroom where I catch sight of myself in the mirror. I am stained, looking exceptionally tired...and in the early morning rush...obviously forgot to apply makeup.

*Driving home from work today, Erickson's GMC electronic sign flashed a beautiful 67 degree  temperature.


Especially since it snowed just a few days ago...

Anyone missing a purple silky bra? About a size C cup?

I found it. On the flagpole at the elementary school this morning.

Yes, your joke was very funny. But it had to be removed before my two little flag bearers arrived and became scarred for life.

My students lead a very sheltered, Rexburgian existence, you know.

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Rach said...

Hey! did you get my email about they typical tuesday thing? I TOTALLY forgot to email and remind you, you ares suposed to do it this tuesday (the 5th) but if you forgot, no worries, we can re-schedule. let me know girl!

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