This weekend, I enlisted the help of my bread maker to prepare pizza dough. Then we each created our very own, personal pan pizza. 

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I thought it was only appropriate to display Andrew's pizza tossin' skills in this way...to give you the full effect. Don't you love his satisfied smirk at the end?

And I must give credit where credit is due for the *ahem* cheesy title at the top. It's what Andrew chanted to himself as he worked. 

Never a dull moment with my love. 

And the tasty end result. 

Next time, we want to try fun styles like chicken and ranch, Philly cheese steak, Pesto, white sauce with spinach and chicken, or BBQ wing.

Any other suggestions of yummy, unique kinds of pizza?


Tikla said...

Stick some artichoke hearts on the chicken ranch pizzas and your set! :)

Andrea said...

How do you do that with the picture/video??? You don't have to tell me I am just always impressed with your skills.
We like to put spinach and artichoke hearts on our pizza with marinara.

Rachel Ashmore said...


It truly had nothing to do with skill. I just downloaded four pictures to gickr.com and it did all the work for me. The site even provided a link to embed into the blog. Super easy! Go try it if you want! =)

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