Four days and counting. 
All I have left to accomplish:
  1. Put Together 22 Portfolio Binders
  2. Enter Grades and Print Report Cards
  3. Clean and Pack for Summer Vacation
  4. Make Costumes
  5. Finish Building Set
  6. Get a Bunch of 9-year-olds to Memorize Scripts and Follow my Choreography 
  7. Impress Parents with My Amazing Directing Skills

I'm just a little bit stressed out. 

The kids have done most of the painting of the set. 
(I just added faces)

I built the tree. 

And Andrew built the framework of the little Japanese hut. 

After adding the kids' thatched roof and a donated props, it's looking more like a Hawaiian tiki hut with a Mexican blanket
I'm trying not to let it stress me out. I simply don't have the time to let my perfectionism take control right now. I'll just add some Japanese art to the inside walls and call it good.

I have a bag of about 15 donated stuffed monkeys of varying species and colors to be hang in the jungle...that still needs to be built. 

And I need to find an alternative to these sad, little guys in the chicken coop. They look slightly pathetic. 

But the costumes are almost put together. Just need a tiger's tail and a pair of wolf's ears. 

I soon discovered that sewing costumes without a sewing machine is completely unreasonable. So I turned to the next best thing: a hot glue gun. 
It works surprisingly well. 

Well, I probably won't see you again until I get to the other side of all this mess...assuming I survive the anxiety. Send a prayer my way, won't you?

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