CRAFTINESS {freebie!}

With all this extra time on my hands lately, I have been a crafting maniac. I was inspired by this cheap, easy wreath over at Kiki Creates, and just had to make one for myself.

I bought the wreath form at the local thrift store.

Then I cut an old white T-shirt into strips to cover it with.

I just pushed straight pins deep into the wreath to hold it all in place. You can't even see 'em.

Then I made over a dozen rosettes with hot glue and scraps of clothes I had planned to donate anyway. I used Kiki's rosette tutorial HERE.

Then, I arranged the rosettes and pinned them in place. If I don't hot glue them, I have the freedom in the future to change the colors and style to match the seasons and my mood.

To fill in the empty spaces, I cut leaves from varying felt colors before adding quick details with needle and thread.

The felt cost me 25 cents a sheet.

Finally, I looped polka-dotted fabric through the finished wreath to hang it with.

Also, I thought that rather then scour the Internet for a summer subway art, I'd just make my own by typing words in different fonts and colors. It was fun.

After printing it, I trimmed the paper around the words and framed it with a backing of striped fabric I had on hand. Then, I pinned red ribbon around the edges of the white paper to clean up the look.

I'm no pro at this, but if you want a copy, go for it. Get it HERE.

P.S. Anyone else getting excited for the July 15th Harry Potter release? I totally had a dream that I was in a magic wand battle the other night. My friends and I tore through a hotel putting every bad guy around us to sleep with our spells. We were running down hallways and pushing people out of elevators. It was very exciting. =)

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kiki comin said...

SUPER cute wreath! Thanks for the shout out.:)

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