BUILDING UPDATE {walls and trusses}

Two weeks ago, exterior walls went up.
In one day, actually. It was quite amazing to watch.

The house looked completely different by the end of that day...like it was an actual house or something. Imagine that?

Then, the interior walls and garage were added.

And today, Andrew and his buddy began flying trusses. This is at about 2pm.

It's all coming together. Look! You can even tell our master bedroom is a master bedroom!

And my ridiculously/wonderfully large laundry/mudroom is actually looking like my ridiculously/wonderfully huge laundry/mudroom.
I've never experienced such giddy anticipation for washing dirty clothes before.

It's an odd feeling, considering as I am often tempted to just burn the old clothes and buy new ones rather than do any laundry.

This is the house at about 8pm when I stopped by for dinner. Only a few more trusses left to place!

Poor Andrew has been been working 24/7. If any of you have seen him lately, you may have noticed the perpetual sunburns and the glaringly obvious sunglasses tan line. Oh well.

Within another week, the roof should be sheeted and shingled!

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debsfreckles said...

How exciting! It has been fun to watch you pin all your ideas on pinterest. Your home is going to be so beautiful. I am so happy for you guys to be able to have this experience of building your own home. How fun.

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