I discovered this at a thrift store and felt compelled to buy it. 
I'm still unsure what it's supposed to be exactly...but I sense potential in this two dollar, frame-y...thing-a-ma-jig.

All I know at this point is that the hunter green color must go.

I immediately fell in love with the antique doorknob. If anything, I could remove it from the frame and use the knob for another project of some kind.

What that project might be, however, I have no clue. Any ideas?

I edited this photo to see what my thrifty project might look like if I kept it all intact and just painted the wood different colors.

A white, scuffed frame and a dark middle might look nice.

Or I could paint the middle a fun, happy color like this

Or I could paint it entirely white. The real question is: what do I do with it after that?

I've thought about a wreath tied to the knob with a ribbon.  Can you think of anything else? That's my only idea so far.

I guess I'm hoping for some creative collaboration here. Any other suggestions? I don't want my two bucks to go to waste. 

Slightly Bored,


Linz said...

Looks like a cabinet door or something. weird. But I love the door knob too. I think the wreath idea is great. Post pictures when its done!

Andrea said...

Wow, what a find!!
I like how you used photo shop to see the look before actually doing it.
I thought this idea was super cute:

Rachel Ashmore said...

Thanks for your thoughts, guys! I have been wanting to make a jewelry holder thing, so that link was perfect, Andrea.=)

debsfreckles said...

I would have bought it too for that door knob. It is a little awkward on that thing. But the knob itself could be used for a purse or towel or coat hanger.

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