TOP TEN NYC SIGHTS TO SEE {according to us}

I feel overwhelmed by the task of blogging our New York City trip. This is probably due to how unbelievable it was. Or the fact that I took over 500 pictures (not even exaggerating). I mean, where do I begin?

I decided a nice, succinct top ten list would be the best way to start (and you all know how much I love lists). So, Andrew and I deliberated and debated. We saw SO MANY sights in three days that we couldn't include them all, and it was difficult to rank others with certainty.

But hopefully this will provide any future NYC travelers with some general guidance. Consider this the beginning of our Big Apple Series.

#10) Museum of Natural History
Free, with a suggested donation of $20.
Andrew says he's never been to a museum before this, and was excited to see the dinosaur bones. All I have to say is, there's no way this gigantic place has only one night guard.

(Any other Night at the Museum fans out there?)

#10) Museum of Modern Art
Free on Friday evenings.
Yes, this is also #10. We couldn't agree on which museum to put in this spot, so we cheated and put them both.

He thought the Museum of Natural History was awesome...I though it was just okay. I LOVED the Museum of Modern Art...and he wanted to jump under a bus by the time it was over.

It's all a matter of interest, I suppose.

There's just something about original work from Picasso, Monet, Cezanne, Chagall, Warhol, Gauguin, Pollock, Kandinsky, Seurat, and Van Gogh that floats. my. boat.

Can you guess which famous painting that is through the crowd?

#9) Washington Square Park
After wandering through trashy neighborhoods and crowded subways, this area was a breath of fresh air. Maybe it just reminded me of our college home-town, but I loved the clean, artsy, and youthful feel around the NYU campus here.

See the Empire State Building through the middle of the arch? We sat by a beautiful fountain for a long time surrounded by colorful gardens. This is also a favorite spot for musician street performers.

#8) Brooklyn Bridge
We walked halfway across and back again. You get a view of the city skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and ships floating by... not to mention the architecture of this beautiful bridge.

If you're lucky, it'll even start pouring just as you reach the middle.

#7) Ground Zero
The actual site is fenced up while the memorial and the new Freedom Tower are being built. Plaques, pictures, and memorials are plastered on sides of buildings and in shop windows.
However, standing in the vicinity of where the towers fell and combining it with what I saw on TV all those years ago was more than enough. More to share on this special experience later.

#6) Central Park
You could spend an entire week exploring this park: lakes, playgrounds, forests, statues, memorials, fountains, bridges, etc. After the afternoon, we barely scratched the surface.

There was something enchanting about that forested oasis in the center of all the noise and bustle.

#5) Top of the Empire State Building
Not the romantic setting portrayed in Sleepless in Seattle. Long lines. Very crowded. Had to fight to get a good view on every side.
Yet totally worth it.

#4) Time Square
Worth seeing in the day and again at night. No one follows traffic laws. Don't try to, or you'll get trampled. Great for people watching, but look out for that naked cowgirl though.

She's...naked, and the cops don't seem to care.

#3) Wall Street
This was unexpectedly magical. The architecture and cobblestone streets made it feel like we walked into a different time. Make sure to see the nearby Trinity Church as well.
Where's Waldo Mom and Becca? Can you find 'em in the picture?

#2) Staten Island Ferry
White sailboats, ocean spray, and views of the city's skyline. One delightful hour.

Not to mention the ferry floats right past this lovely lady.

It would have taken money and time we didn't have to actually land on the island and go up inside the statue. And I think you have to get tickets far in advance.

#1) Broadway Play
Between $50 and $400 a ticket.
This was the unanimous, undisputed highlight of the trip for everyone involved. Wow.

This should be at the top of every one's list who comes to NYC. And I can't wait to tell you more about the show we attended.

Wow. But I already said that didn't I?


Amelia Brame said...

Wow! You saw some great things! We went to NYC last year and we didn't see everything on your list... I guess we'll hafta go back ;) OH and Starry Night by Van Gough!

Rachel Ashmore said...

Good guess, Amelia! :)

I'm curious now. What sights did you see? Which were your favorites? Comparing with you guys will help us prepare for our next trip!

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