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I've had kitchens on the brain lately: cabinets, counters, wall colors, back splashes, light fixtures, and appliances. After hours of research and deliberation, I think I've got our new kitchen pretty much figured out:

*White cabinets and dark wood floors...no question. 
*Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures...to pop against the white cabinetry. 
*Dark, dark concrete counters...because they're cheap. And cheap is good. Except for the island, that is. The island will have a butcher block top. 
*Stainless steel appliances...because they're pretty, and apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment. 

{I once worked as a maid and am no stranger to the elbow grease required to clean stainless steel.}
*And pale, pale blue-grey tile backslash...because Andrew is being difficult.

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Here's another semi-close version of my vision. 

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This would be my first choice. I am in LOVE with this kitchen...the white back-splash with a dark green-grey paint behind it. *sigh*
Unfortunately, Andrew HATES white back-splashes. I never would have expected him to care so much about tile...but he does. "It looks like a grandma's kitchen." He won't budge on this point. 
He's just lucky he has dimples. That's all I have to say about that.

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But light blue is okay too...as long it isn't baby boy nursery blue. It has to have a lot of light grey in it. 

Is this back splash not the coolest? Its coolness level probably puts it out of our price range, but I can dream anyway. 

So...any thoughts? Does this color scheme work? And the BIG question: Is the blue neutral enough for resale in a couple years? 
Also: Lots of updated pictures of the new house to share! I'll post soon.


Ryan said...

All the kitchens shown are beautiful! I like both the white and blue backgrounds...and tell andrew...it's YOUR kitchen! Most likely you will spend the most time there! Compromise somewhere else in the house...joel helped with the maricopa house...but only when I agreed with his choices!!!

Ryan said...

oops...not ryan...i don't know why i keep doing that! sorry!

Spencer and Celeste said...

I love the white cabinets! A dark hardwood will look so good. I keep debating whether or not we should darken ours.

Jessica said...

GORGEOUS!!! I have no doubt it is going to be absolutely perfect as your taste is impeccable. I'm so glad you are having fun creating your little dream home!

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