As usual, I was running around my classroom like a crazy person, trying to multi-task an insane number of tasks at once--straightening, copying, grading, sharpening pencils, arranging bulletin board displays, filing, answering questions, keeping an eye on the clock, monitoring students, planning, e-mailing, and applying band-aids...when I hit a roadblock trying to enter a grade into the computer. 

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very amusing. Like I have a spare second to sit and figure out whose paper this belongs to! 

Though to be quite honest, without doing any sort of number figuring, I knew EXACTLY who it belonged to:

That gal whose "creativity" will soon be the cause of my first gray hair. 



Andrea said...

Funny that a girl did that. I totally would have thought it was a little boy. Quite creative ;)

Steve, ToVah, Avery, and Z said...

haha I thought it was a little boy too until I figures out the code :-)

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