My husband is rather smolder-y as a school robes sportin', adolescent wizard.  

His wand is a chopstick with Japanese characters. It chose him. 

I dressed up to go along with my classroom's bumblebee theme: yellow duct tape, black ruffle stripes, white pantyhose wings, and bumblebee themed nails. The tutu is only the second project made with my new sewing machine. I got the ruffles idea from here

I thought I was being so unique until one of my students and all four teachers in the Special Ed department showed up as bees too. Oh well. 


Spencer and Celeste said...

You may not have been the only bee, but I'll bet your costume was the cutest! I love the ruffle stripes!

Andrea said...

Super cute costume! You always dress up so I've been checking your blog since Halloween to see the pictures.
Andrew's costume is great too! Fun!

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