When I printed these off at Wal-Mart, the photo attendant flipped through the pictures...paused...and stared quizzically before asking:

"Do you guys live in a a garage?"

For anyone who is confused by our Christmas picture, we do not in fact, live in a garage. We took a few pieces of furniture from our current rental home (that is heated, carpeted, and comfortable, I might add) and moved them briefly to our new house (that is currently being built) for the shoot. It is supposed to be funny. 

Please tell me you guys get it. 

My favorite part of the photoshoot was at the very end. While packing up my tri-pod, Andrew's business partner unexpectedly showed up to find Andrew...chillin' in a bathrobe...at a construction site. Ha! 

"So...you guys movin' in already?"

Anyway, happy holidays, folks. See you after Christmas!.
Andrew and Rachel


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I got it right away and I LOVE it! Fabulous! Anyone who doesn't get it is a little slow... ;-)

Breanna said...

I love it! I got it right away, too! You are so clever!

Dacia said...

What an awesome card! So fun :)

Jessica said...

probably one of the best christmas cards i've ever seen!

aaraomarrao said...

some of your best work I have seen!! Fantastic! super really well done

Katie said...

That's too cute & funny!

LKP said...

i seriously get it and kinda wish i'd had this ingenius idea first! bravo! :) love love love. ::hugs:: hope your Christmas was blessed & that the new year is magical!

Angela said...

I was directed to your blog via UCreate With Kids. I get your postcard and I LOVE it! It's totally something my husband and I would do. I'm also liking your teaching posts, as I'm an elementary teacher as well!

Me and My Crafties said...

I get it...and it so cute!

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