The holidays were crazy and busy and wonderful. This is a summary of our vacation in a nutshell.

1.) Whirlwind of Elementary holiday festivities. 

I was assigned to make the fire for the school program's set fireplace.

2.) Driving.

Left wintry Idaho, and drove 16 hours to Arizona. The land of T-shirts and flip-flops.

3.) Visiting little sisters. 

Andrew/ Aurora and neighbor/ happy, little Belle

Duck, duck, goose.

Freestone Park.

feeding the ducks/ Aurora/ twins in their new shirts: Chillin' with my BFF

Andrew + Belle = In Belle's dreams

picnic lunch/ hide-and-go-seek/ playground

4.) Hangin' with Mom.

She and Andrew played one-on-one. Mom kicked his TRASH.

After Frisbee golf, Becca reminisced of childhood 

Playing on Main Street statues

5.) Anniversary Trip to Zion's National Park

Desert Pearl Inn: modern and rustic.

Highly recommend.

wood floors/ mountain views/ private back patio overlooking pool

kitchenette allowed for homemade spaghetti dinner

Minutes from national park

Beautiful hikes and wildlife

6.) New Year's Celebration with Utah Ashmores

MIL planned fun dinner. Served everything directly on tablecloth for us to dig into. 

Ate salad, spaghetti, or alfredo from the table.

Mostly, I loved little Laney staring at the food...at the adults digging in...and back at the food, with utter bewilderment.

7.) And then it was home again, home again, jiggity jig. To start up real life again. Phew!


Andrea said...

Jeff says, "they are both totally cheating in duck, duck goose. Look at them already on their feet."
and Jeff says again, "what are they doing? Eating from the table??? I've never had to do that!"

Katie Koivisto said...

I love the "eating from the dinner table" tradition. I'm totally stealing that idea! Kai would LOVE it!

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