Did I say heck? I'm sorry. I meant: H-E-double-hockey-sticks. 

I love my job...I really do. But every once in a while, I feel that I REEeaaally earn my 13 or so bucks an hour. 

1.) First off, a certain little someone in my class DEFINITELY forgot to take a certain medication today. Again. I could tell the moment this child waltzed through my door. This meant, I was to be this certain someone's full-time aid/ policeman/ ring leader. Every. single. blasted. second. 

2.) One of my students got kicked out of special education reading pull-out time for not completing homework. If getting 30 minutes of reading help each day is contingent upon completing homework...this kid will NEVER be getting this 30 minutes of reading help.
And it doesn't feel right to me.

3.) One of my students fell at recess. He came back to class with blood dripping down his neck from the gaping gash on the back of his head. After calling Mom, she showed up to get him stitched up. 

4.) A certain lonely little guy was chasing his crush around at afternoon recess. She got sick of it and asked him to stop. He threatened to get a gun and shoot her. She cried in fear. Classmates rallied in her defense...and took it upon themselves to physically drag him away from her. Things got rough. Blood was drawn.

I began to hear snippets of this story as they came back from recess, and spent the next hour sorting out the details. The principal got involved. The district social worker got involved. I was lucky to have a student teacher continue class as normal, so I could handle it all . 

5.) It was at about this point I began to get a throbbing, blinding headache

6.) With only half an hour to go, a student threw up and I once again, called a parent to come get their child.

7.) The students finally got on the bus to go home. Within 30 minutes, parents were calling my room to express concern over the death threat. I gave proper reassurances that it is being addressed. 

8.) Then, I unintentionally made a teacher mad at me...one that I really like and need on my side. As I watched her leave my room in a huff, I decided it was officially time for me to go home. 

So here I am. At home. Nursing this darn headache and still reeling from all that still needs to be handled tomorrow. This is usually such a peaceful, country elementary school. What the heck happened?!

But anyway. Enough about me. How was your day? :)


Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Oh my heavens, girl! That sounds like the worst day ever!! I am soooo sorry!!! :-(

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Holy cow! I didn't think it was possible for so many things to go wrong in one day. I hope things get much MUCH better!

Spencer and Celeste said...

The good thing about teaching is every day is a whole new experience. Unfortunately, that's also the hard thing about teaching. You just never know what to expect.

Andrea said...

Yikes! I am trying to decide what is worse. The death threat or the throw-up? ...or the parents calling in.
Not to be selfish but this post made me feel a little better. See, here is the thing; I have been silently envying those children in your little country school and trying to figure out how my kids could go there. It has always sounded so perfect! It's nice to know that my kids aren't the only ones coming home from school talking about killing and the sorts :)

Cristopher and Natalie Crowder said...

Wow! That is one crazy day! It reminds me of "Rachel" and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! I hope class has been much better since then. By the way, I love the updates on the house. It is looking beautiful!

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