My third graders make these lucky leprechaun rainbows every March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They are easy and soooo pretty hanging up in a row.

Take a paper plate (dollar store find) and cut it in half. On the sides that pop out (the bottom of the plate), paint a stripe for each color of the rainbow in order. Fill in any left over space at the bottom with the final color (purple). 

Make sure you get uncoated paper plates or the paint won't adhere. 

Then set aside. I always divide this project between two days to give the plates time to dry. 

I do the prep for this phase beforehand. 

Cut one streamer per color (about 12 inches long). Then, I cut each streamer in half long ways (hot-dog style). Now there are two long, skinny streamers per color. 

Now attach each streamer to the blank side of one of the plate halves with glue...right along the straight edge. Line the streamers up with the corresponding rainbow colors. 

It looks messy, but it's okay because no one will be able to see it in the end. 

Staple the two paper plates together with the rainbows facing outward. 

And finally, enjoy. Hang in the classroom, in a window, or somewhere they can catch a breeze. 

Possible Variations:
Add cotton clouds, glitter, or...I've had students who pasted hand drawn pots of gold to theirs!

Good luck!

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