Mitt Romney came to Idaho Falls this week. I wanted to go, but it was in the middle of the work day. Hearing all of the buzz about it got me thinking...

I am not very political. And there is a lot I don't understand about national debt and taxes and social security...but I do know I believe in:
  1. Traditional family values
  2. More money for education with less federal regulation
  3. The Death Penalty
  4. Eliminating the option to live on welfare for years without accountability
  5. Drilling for oil in America starting...yesterday
  6. Big army
  7. Small government that butts out of people's personal lives 

I am definitely a conservative.

With Mitt Romney--a Mormon, being the republican front-runner in this upcoming election, I am put in a unique situation, being a Mormon myself. I feel a greater responsibility to make an informed decision here. 

Romney's religion seems to generate a lot of media attention. And right or wrong, it may be the deciding factor for some whether they will, or will not, vote for him. 
I don't understand the person who would never vote for him in a million years based on his Mormonism alone. This is so closed minded.
For example:
"Ahh! Don't vote for him! He's a MoRmON! We don't want a cult member in the White House! His prophet will end up making all of the decisions, and it's a conspiracy to convert the world!"
But it would be just as closed minded to vote for him because he is Mormon. 
In contrast:
"Hooray! A Mormon in the White House! Any decision he makes in office must be the right decision! It will solve all of the world's problems!"
Just because Mitt Romney is a member of the religion I believe and live, does not mean his views on government will match mine. And there is no guarantee he will be an honest, upstanding politician either. Nobody is perfect.

Mormon church
I don't want to be the kind of person to vote that way...or ever be accused of such. Instead, I will understand each of the candidates' platforms, backgrounds, and track records. So then IF I do end up voting for Mitt Romney, it won't be because he's Mormon, or because he's probably a shoe-in for the Republican candidacy anyway(if he's going to win, I might as well vote for him, right?). It will be because he is the one I can trust to most closely match my personal, political views based on my research.

Well, there you have it. My extremely limited spouting on politics. Take it for what it's worth. I am not campaigning for any certain person, just encouraging you all to be informed. 

                                                  Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I welcome any comments...even of different opinions. But I am NOT opening it up for vicious attacks on me, my religion, or my political views. Be polite. Please and thank you. 

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Amelia Brame said...

Well said. I whole-heartedly agree. Romney running for president has brought up a lot of good conversations. My favorite is when people blame Romney's success in running for office on the fact that he's Mormon and all the Mormons are voting for him... since when did mormons become the majority of the US? Hahaha Who knew ;)

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