Master Bath
So...when the tile went in last weekend, I raved about how much I loved it. It looked perfect with the paint colors! It was unique! It was fun and classy at the same time! 
In response, Andrew only rolled his eyes. 

Master Bath View II
If you remember, after purchasing said tile, I threw a melodramatic fit of remorse over installing it in both bathrooms AND the laundry room. What was I thinking?!!
And I placed the entirety of the blame on Andrew. 

Guest Bath
Of course, my first post was exaggerated slightly for comic effect. But I was worried and I did breathe a huge sigh of relief when I watched the floors go in and I LOVED THEM. 
(And Andrew did gloat that he was right and I had been overreacting.) 

Laundry/Mud Room
We will be building black concrete counter tops to go over the vanities in each of these rooms, which I think will help tie everything together nicely. 

Mud Room Bench
Have I mentioned that I love this tile? 
(Andrew, you better not be rolling your eyes again.)

Laundry/Mud Room
Just ignore the mud. I guess the construction process and clean, shiny tile don't go together. 
We only need to finish grouting and installing baseboards in these rooms The end seems to be in sight on this never-ending house building project!

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LegacyMommy said...

Can you tell me what tile you purchased? Color, brand?

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