Right now, everything in my world is a whirlwind of looming changes, large and small. The anxiety of waiting for the debut of this entirely new life feels like I'm teetering at the top of that first wonderfully, awful drop on a roller coaster. Here are all the countdowns going down in this little life of ours. 

  • Of course there is the house...I swear, it's all I talk about these days. Every conversation begins with a variation of the question: "How's the house coming?" A month MAX. And we really do mean it this time. We are in a race against the clock to have it ready to close before our June 1st deadline. What a year it's been!
  • A new house means a new neighborhood, which means a new ward for church, which means a new calling, which means new people I have to learn to be comfortable around, which means feigning calmness while experiencing heart palpitations.
I'm not antisocial, I promise. 
  • It's the last leg of the school year, yet there is SO MUCH TO DO. I know my 3rd grade sweeties sense the nearness of summer vacation, because it's getting harder and harder to keep their attention. Between warmer weather, assemblies, field trips, field day, the class play, and standardized tests, this dreaded month of no structure or routine to speak of makes classroom management nearly a bust from here on out.

  • I just took part in the interviewing and hiring process of my new third grade partner teacher for next year. When it came down to it, I was basically allowed the final decision. This was very, very generous, and having been on my own for so long made it mean all the more. Having the new gal to work with is going to change EVERYTHING, and I am nervous and excited and full of hope for next year. 
  • My birthday is coming up.  I'll be 27. Yes, I count down the days until my birthday. Because simply put, birthdays are awesome. This year's countdown has been especially hard, because Mom's wrapped gift arrived in the mail a week early. And then Andrew placed it in the middle of the living room with the instructions that I am NOT to touch it. He did it on purpose just to torture me. Punk. 
Don't tell him it's working.

  • Even the weather is getting in the mix. Spring is so close! My tulips are blooming, the grass is green-ifying, and it was in the 80's this last weekend. And then...I drove to work this morning in a blizzard. Countdowns shouldn't go backwards--it's not fair!
  • According to the receipt from the DMV, my brand-new driver's license will arrive in 10 days. The lady had me stand against a blue wall for the picture while she clicked away on her keyboard. I stood waiting for her cue, contemplating happy thoughts that might incite a non-awkward smile...when a bulb flashed in my eyes! That woman forgot a countdown altogether! I was indignant but didn't say anything. Now, for the next eight years, my I.D. will illustrate me as a seriously sullen, slightly spacey organ donor. 

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Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...


And might I mention you are so cute! The way you described your drivers license picture cracked me up! I need to get a new one...sigh...I hate that!

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