During my month's absence, I received a few features and awards that I never responded to or gave thanks for. I thought I'd apologize and (hopefully) gain some forgiveness for my poor bloggy etiquette.

1.) What an honor to be featured twice by this fabulous blog! Once for my paper mache hive and a second time for paper snowflakes. Thanks!

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2.) The JS Chronicles blog left a comment about nominating Our Small Town Idaho Life for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Unfortunately, by the time I tried to get back to them, the blog had been made private (oops). So as I'm not sure what the rules are for receiving such an honor, I'll just say thank you, thank you! 
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3.) And then The Blissful Bee was kind enough to present my blog with the Liebster Award. From what I understand, "Liebster" is German for dear, beloved, or favorite. They are generally given to younger blogs with fewer than 200 followers. What an honor to be recognized! Now, I am asked to pass on the favor to a few favorites of my own.
The Blissful Bee

These are several favorite blogs I've already mentioned before: 
      • The Koivisto Perhe- Documenting the life of an LDS Kansas girl living in Finland with her Finnish husband. 
      • Letters from Coco- A blog as lovely and sweet as its writer, Nicole. Her faith in God is refreshing.
      • Playing House- A look into the life a mother of three little ones in a way that is poignant, real, and so fun.
And a new one I've been enjoying lately:
      • Jenny B- This girl has got such an eye for STYLE. I love her pictures, her crafts, her food, and I want to eat her baby girl's preciousness.

That's all for today, folks. If you haven't already, go check 'em out.

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Mary Ann Pickett said...

Here from Remodelaholic...you and your husband and the whole gang did an awesome job!!!

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