Look at Andrew, working so hard to finish the many little details left on the house!

Oh wait. 

Our lovely little distraction is growing fast. I swear, she's already twice as big as when we got her. And her grasshopper prey are getting bigger everyday too...and more disgusting to watch her eat.

In case you were wondering about how CC and the pup are getting along...they're best buds. In the beginning, we'd force Moose to lay on his back while she was around. This way, we could make the introductions without violence.

It took  a few days to convince Moose that our kitty is not something to eat. And about that long to get the kitty to stop hissing and spitting. Now they follow each other everywhere.

See the two rascals roughhousing in the field? They love to chase and pounce and wrestle each other in the weeds. She'll catch a grasshopper and Moose'll steal it away and eat it. She'll walk under him affectionately, and he'll obliviously sit on her...pinning her mewing to the ground. Then she'll sit calmly looking in on him in his kennel, and Moose will get in trouble for whining. 

They're quite a pair. 

P.S. I'm sorry about all the pet posts. This is the last one for awhile, I promise.

P.P.S Until the next time they do something cute, that is. 

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