HOUSE TOUR {entry and front room}

It's easier to tour the house a couple rooms at a time. Any advice you have on the decor would be much appreciated. We'll start in the the entry way and front sitting room... 

The last time you saw the entry, it probably looked liked this.

Here's Andrew beginning the wood floor...and kindly flexing his forearms. 

And this is the final result as of a couple days ago.

Since then, I have sold the ugly table and have different plans for the wall.

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We could build a prettier table and display something like this.

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But I will probably end up doing something like that white shelf with hooks for coats. More practical.

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Or a shelf like the white one in this picture (but with no bench), and  I'd have Andrew make it real nice and rustic with a lot of burn through. 

Now moving on to the sitting room...you probably last saw it like this. 

Here is what it looked like on moving day.

Second view.

And this is from today. 

You'd think it would be more put together after a month. But out of necessity, this room has become the gathering/storage room for all things decorative that I have no idea where to put yet. But I'm working on it!

And I'm gathering inspiration. I'd like to hang something big over the couch, get a light colored area rug with some pops of fun color, and maybe some sheer, white drapes. 

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This room conveys the calm, comfortable feel I am hoping for. I like the rug, the wood, the big pillows, and the fun pops of color. 

This leather couch and coffee table scream @Rob Stanfield....all it needs is a giant framed vintage map behind it!
From this room, I like the neutral feel: browns, grays, whites, and wood. And the size of the canvas above the couch. That area above my couch is screaming for something similar in size. I can use a mirror, a framed vintage map, or slap some paint on a large, blank  canvas I have stored in the closet.

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This would be an easy DIY painting idea

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Or something like this...in whatever colors I chose.

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This quilty looking canvas is fun. It would be easy too.

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What about a map made from paint splotches? Love this.

Pinned Image
Abstract art with paint and tape. Though I wouldn't make it metallic or quite so bold. 

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Instead I can make use of the pile of pallet wood leftover from the dining room ceiling. I like the painted map but I could also paint words or a deer head silhouette??

Pinned Image
I even have my vintage door propped in the garage waiting for inspiration to strike me as how to use it.

So there you have the entry and front room...with my ideas for the future that I'd love your input on. More tour coming later!


markandjenny said...

YAY! So excited you are back to blogging and I am loving the official tour. Can't wait to see how you finish everything off--I have no doubt it will be fabulous because you have great taste. What carpet did you decide on? And yes....I am the random stranger blog stalker that officially stalked you down to introduce myself awhile back lol.

jerri said...

Beautiful. For your entry, I love the 2nd photo with the pew and white coat hook. I have had that picture pinned forever. It is so warm & inviting.

Dacia said...

I love the pallet wall art. So many fun ideas. Love that I got to take the real live tour :)

Unknown said...

Your house is looking beautiful and I love your inspiration images! I found your blog through pinterest with your amazing bedroom ceiling {I am in love with that!} I also live in Idaho and am building a home right now{littlebitsofbliss.blogspot} So it's been really fun to stalk your blog and see your house and not feel like I'm the only one going through this crazyness :)

debsfreckles said...

everything is looking great. i really like the idea of you painting (or drawing) something whether it be on canvas or wood. You really are an amazing artist.
also you you have some great inspiration pictures. i can see where you are going and it won't take long to get there.

beckystamps said...


I just stopped by your blog to see how your house was doing and I fell in love with your cat. Thanks for sharing such inspired decorating ideas!

Becky G.

beckystamps said...

Thanks for all the great decorating ideas--and I love your cat.

Beth said...

I would love to know the paint color you used for the entryway.... Thanks!! beth.sowers80@gmail.com

Catherina said...

Just stumbled across your blog! You have such a cute house!:) I like the reader above am wondering what color u have on the walls too?

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

What color stain did you use on your front door?

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