Meet CC.

Her full name is Communal Cat...but that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

The name stems from the fact that we are sharing her with another couple who happens to be in the process of building near us. We are only caring for her until their home is finished...which is a cool arrangement because we get her during the most adorable stage of her life. Ever since I learned I'm NOT okay with a smelly litter box in my laundry room and moved her into the garage, we've gotten along just swimmingly.

We all hope to eventually benefit from her mousing and snake hunting skills in the fields surrounding our homes. In the meantime, she is is getting very good at catching and eating grasshoppers.

This evening, we are awaiting the arrival of our first puppy. A chocolate lab coming from Boise we have already dubbed: Moose. 


I can't believe I agreed to this. My stomach literally knots up when I think about meeting him, and training him, and cleaning up his poo. The smells, the barking, the fur! Luckily, Moose will be an outdoor dog. Andrew has a fancy shmancy half-kennel, half-tool shed in the works.

I'm also anxious about putting both pets out there together. My visions of puppy and kitty snuggling together may be a bit idealistic...but at the very least, I hope CC is kind to him.

Pray for us all,


Breanna said...

Sooooooooo cute! Good luck!

Curt said...

if our pets are any example, you should be fine. We wonder why people cannot do as well as our cat and dog.

Jennifer said...

Awww.. the pets are adorable! :)

Tiffany Nichole said...

First time to your blog. Stumbled upon it from Remodelaholic : )

Good luck with the new pup!! Can't wait to see your pup. We got one about 4 weeks ago, a blue heeler. He is a HANDFUL but we love him. I also have 2 cats that I adore as well. It is fun training them and playing with them, but can get frustrating at times.

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