It is General Conference weekend! Twice a year, the leaders of my church give a message to the membership of about 14.5 million people broadcasted in 93 different languages to 197 different countries. But the messages are directed to everyone worldwide...Mormon or not. 

I love that there are modern day prophets to speak as God's mouthpiece. God is unchanging in his love for his children. Why would He speak to them only in ancient biblical times? Of course, we would continually need heavenly direction! I definitely need this guidance, inspiration, and comfort for my personal heartaches. Christians everywhere can enjoy the messages from these prophets and apostles as they teach from the scriptures. 

I respect you'all for whatever religion you follow. Just thought I'd share for those who are interested.You are welcome to check it out HERE

You are also welcome to read more on my thoughts about my religion HERE. 

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