HOUSE UPDATE {linen closet and kitchen beam}

For the last five months, my linen closet has been open and messy and not very pretty. 

So I was very excited when Andrew set out to fix that. He started with a frame. 

Then he attached the cabinet doors built and stained in his nearly nonexistent spare time. 

Add some knobs and my hallway looks a million times better!

This week, Andrew is finishing the rustic beam across the kitchen ceiling. This project is free except for the cost of stain...thanks again, to our lovely collection of old pallet wood. More to come on this later. 


Marty said...

I LOVE your home! My daughter wanted to make a paper wreath after school today and I found yours through google. And i had to keep looking. But if we were to build our home it would look a lot like yous. I'm jealous! It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog today. I'm really enjoying your writing style and everything you've done with your home.

Unknown said...

My first thought with the shower was to take it out all together but after the door was put in, it gave it some needed architectural element. I love it, you did good.

Anonymous said...

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