PROCLAMATION PRINT {decorating the great room}

This print is based on The Family: A Proclamation to the World. I love the way this document lays out God's laws and purposes for family relationships in a world where things definitely need to be clarified.

Rather than hanging all nine paragraphs on the wall and making it hard for me to focus on specifics, this print focuses instead on the nine more important words: 

"Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities."

I saw a similar one on the Etsy shop Kiki & Company, but after the owner was listed as "on vacation" for about a year, I got impatient waiting to buy her's and used Photoshop to create my own. This ended up being better because I could choose my own fonts and colors...and it was free.

I printed it as an 11x14 for a buck and displayed it on the mantel in a Wal-mart frame spray painted white. 

Looking for more color, I sewed a bunting from thrift store fabric finds and draped it across the vintage windows.

This other picture frame is filled with photos of important women from my heritage: Mom, Grandma Jennie, and Great Grandma Maggie. 

I have a future project in mind that involves more ancestral photos, barn wood, chicken wire, and clothespins. I'm excited to build and share that later, but in the meantime, it will wait as item number fifty-seven on my to-do list. 

But this reminds me...I am going to eventually need help (pretty please?) from some photo bearing family relatives (Dad? Rhonda? Grandma?) getting scans to represent all the branches of our family tree.

Anyway...this room does not completely satisfy me yet. But it is coming together piece by piece. And I love my homemade Proclamation print!


Jen said...

I love the pops of color on the mantle!
Very pretty!

Kimberly T. said...

I love that print! And your windows and bunting, so, so cute!

Unknown said...

Love that print-- and the ancestral photo's! {Also I'm so very envious of your old window-- It's beautiful! Did you find it somewhere local?}

Rachel Ashmore said...

Alicia: I got the windows (for free!)from an old house in the area that my husband was remodeling.

Kristi said...

Do you have this printable available for download?

Caren said...

I love your taste! I am also interested in a print for download!!! carenwinterS@yahoo.com Pretty please!

Stephanie said...

Can I get the print file? Maybe email it to me? Stephbhumphreys@gmail.com. love it!

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