TURKEY "DRESSING" {November Kid's Craft}

As a testament to how far behind I am, here is my Thanksgiving craft post. 

I copy a basic turkey outline (that I found in an old "The Mailbox" magazine) on brown construction paper, and then my kids and I have a discussion about the double meaning of "dressing a turkey". Then they are set free to decorate their turkeys however they please using scraps I've collected. 

This is one of my favorite projects of the year. Sometimes, the rows of identical kids' crafts hanging in the hallway can be depressing. But this project allows for individuality and true creativity...and the kids blow me away with how dang creative they can be. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Please note the karate uniform, belt, Asian symbol.

The eye patch.

The dark mask and super hero cape.

Some even got together and made turkeys to go together. I love her pom poms and his shoulder pads and helmet...

Don't miss the stubble on the robber's chin and the bag of stolen goods slung over his shoulder. The policeman has a nightstick and a badge. 

Someone was still stuck on Halloween. The little vampire suit, red cape, and special hair do just kill me. 

This turkey's flowered hat and pretty parasol accessorize her beautiful summer dress.

The jeans and the hunting cap are perfect. 

Lady in pink.

And this turkey...I'm not sure. I stared at it for a long time trying to figure it out. Curly hair...sweat band...short shorts...gaudy sparkles...

The best conclusion I could come to was a Richard Simmons turkey...?? Ha!

Sorry about the lousy blurry pictures taken in our dark hallway. Hopefully, this still gives you some fun ideas for next year!

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Curt said...

this the funniest thing in a very long time. i think i would like to do this anytime of the year for upcoming family events. i can already imagine some of my family members having this fun.

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