TELLESTRATIONS {favorite family game}

Every year on New Year's Eve, we unwrap a new family game to play together. This year's game was so fun, I wanted to share. Pass on the love.

You know that telephone game where you whisper something from person to person to see how far the original message is distorted by the end? This is the same thing, but with pictures. 

Telephone + Pictionary = Telestrations.

To begin, the timer is set and we draw the word from our individual cards. Then we pass our notebooks, and the next person has to write the word they think was illustrated. Then it is passed again and the next person draws a picture from the new word. After everyone has had a turn with each notebook, we share. 

This is where the real fun starts. Sometimes, the original word gets reeeally far off track. And then we laugh and laugh until we're in pain. 

It's great fun.

Here's an example. 

My assigned word was "dust bunny." So I drew a french maid's skirt and a hand holding a feather duster + a cute bunny. Easy enough, right? 

Well. My supposed art skills were no match for Becca's unique way of thinking.

Apparently, my feather duster looked more like a flaming torch...really throwing off my little sis. 

So then my sweet mother drew a picture of a demonic man with a poor flaming rabbit. 

At least Andrew made an intelligent guess (as opposed to flaming rabbit???). 

When my notebook made full circle, the word was so different from my original word that it didn't even occur to me that it was mine. So I continued the chain. A Roman + a candle. Again, easy enough, right?

But no. My poor sister saw my picture and saw a warrior flame. It almost makes sense. 

Except for not at all.

My mom, in turn, drew Becca's "warrior flame." 

Please note the handlebar mustache.

And then poor, confused Andrew did the best he could with what he was given. 

So there you have it. My "dust bunny" traveled through all the rounds eventually transforming into a "candle ninja." My stomach muscles hurt the next day. 

Check it out if you're in the market for great game. Though I have to say, a ditsy player or two can make all the difference on this game's entertainment value. 

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