HOUSE TOUR {master bathroom}

I know it's been awhile since I've given a room tour of this new house of ours. 

If I wait just a little longer, the house will be more complete! That's what I keep thinking.

But with Andrew working much of the time in another state, and then breaking his wrist, not much else has gotten done. Such is life. I am going to show you the master bathroom anyway. It's close enough. 

Here are the before's. 

I'll begin with the vanity.

Jump ahead several months and Andrew and I add crown, Andrew builds cabinets, and I paint walls a lovely grey-blue called North Star from Sherwin Williams.

Then the checkerboard tile floor begins.

Yeah, that right. I'm taking your picture.

Base boards are on and Andrew builds the concrete counter top. 

Then the sinks and light fixtures. 

The sinks were inherited for free. (yay!) We will eventually switch out the faucets for oil-rubbed bronze. It works for now. 

Andrew adds a tile back splash and we've started moving in! 

Since then, cabinet knobs have been installed..and Andrew has called my bathroom rugs "Grandma-ish". At 5 bucks a piece (from Ross), he just has to deal with that. 

What's left at this point? Kick plates, mirrors, and upper cabinet storage. To function until then, we've had a cheap Family Dollar mirror propped up on the counter these past 9 months. Wow. Has it really been 9 months already?

Storage between the sinks and NOTHING on the counter
Here is an example of what we hope for eventually. Two individual mirrors and a mini cabinet running up the middle. 

My lovely representation.

Just last night, I assembled this jewelry holder thingy...for lack of a better word. I used this thrift store find from several years ago, some suggestions from friends, and turned it into something useful with paint, chicken wire, and fun mismatched vintage knobs. 

I've been in need of a more effective/practical jewelry organization system for some time now. The chicken wire will hold clips and earrings. Necklaces and bracelets will hang from the knobs. 

It'll mount to the wall right above the counter there. 

Let's move on to the shower progression.

Here is Lane, my brother-in-law, who did all the tiling for it. It was a big, time consuming task, and he did a wonderful job.

We actually used some of the cheapest possible subway tiles from Home Depot. 

Interior completed. I like.

The best parts are the double shower heads, one on each end. Now I don't have to sing solos while I shower.

The outside tiling is almost finished. 

What a mess! This is the result of trying to move into and live in a house that isn't finished yet. 

And here is the shower door. The day we went shopping for it, there were limited options in our price range. And we were on house decision number 2,785,37 and 1...and sick of it all. So we picked one and called it good. But I'm not a fan. *sigh*

This door is what looks Grandma-ish to me

But then there's the tub!

More cheap, white subway tile. I love it with the wall color. 

The tile is almost completely grouted at this point. My Monet prints are ready to hang (they now hang above the towel rack), and the wood wrap around the tub's base is on. Andrew did such a masterly job on this!

I love, love, love this unique look. I wanted to include lots of beautiful wood in the master bath to carry on the feel from the master bedroom's wood ceiling

One more look.

And a few weeks ago, Andrew finished the tile on the lip of the tub too. 

It's coming along!

And the grand finale, here is our private little toilet room just after the toilet was installed. 


That's all folks. Which room should I show next?



Jennifer said...

WOW! It's amazing! I love your taste too. The shower came out so beautifully but the tub is my favorite!

Alisa D. said...

You guys have an eye for design and make great choices. Looks great!

nichole said...

Hello from Northern Idaho! I came across your beautiful blog from a post on pinterest! Happy to be following you!

Jennifer Lewis said...

Hey there! I absolutely love your house! I came across your blog as I am trying to get ideas for our remodel, and your style is so similar to ours. I was wondering if you could tell me about your carpet in your bedroom. Where you purchased it, color, etc. Thanks so much!

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