My baby sister--who is not so much a baby anymore--graduated from Boise State last weekend with a master's degree.

I am so proud.

Rebecca Jolley is a master of English, rhetoric, and composition. 

The graduation ceremony was a miserable, three-hour affair. BYU-I ingeniously divides up the majors into different buildings to makes the ceremonies go faster. 

But not Boise State. After the 2,000th student's name was announced, I was ready to sell my LIVER on the black market to make. it. stop.

In my defense, I was sick. And I had forgotten my phone back at Becca's apartment, so I had nothing to do but wallow in misery. But then, as if to make up for what they just put us through, glitter rained down from the ceiling for the last 10 minutes. 

Apparently, falling glitter makes me happy. 

Becca was blessed with some awesome friends during her Boise State experience.

Her best friend Kevin, graduated with the same master's degree.

A Hawaiian friend in their major, had the matching leis made for her and the other 4 master of English, rhetoric, and composition graduates.

We continued to take many, many pictures, but I'll only share the few successes. It's not that Becca isn't pretty to look at. 

She just seems to have an inability to be photographed with her eyes open. 

Lovely lady.

This is my new favorite picture of my family.We had such a wonderfully happy weekend and this picture just seems to illustrate that. 

With the Big D.

I think our parents did alright by us, don't you?

In exchange for the cost of her master's program, Becca accepted an assistanceship and taught 100 level writing classes. Here she is in her classroom. 

And here she is by her desk...looking all professor-like.

Then Becca showed us around Boise. We picnicked, window shopped, admired local art and mocuments, and watched giraffes fight at the local zoo. 

Seriously people, if you have never seen giraffes fighting, you're missing out. Go YouTube it. 

We also oohed and awed over countless geese and their new hatchlings. 

Don't mess with the mamas. They mean business.

Goslings in a row. 

I took more pictures of these guys than I did of Becca. It's embarrassing, really. For your sake, I'll only share 5% of them.

Last one.

I suddenly have the urge to snuggle something. 

And finally, Becca's happy dance. It had to be shared. 

Next time you see her, ask Becca to demonstrate this happy Snoopy dance. It is hilariously accurate.

Bursting with Love and Pride,

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