Decorating for Christmas is my favorite. We didn't do quite as much as usual...but here are a few pretty corners of the house. 

Our mantel.

The bookshelves have a wintery, woodsy feel with a pine cone, gold evergreen, bird, and moose.

Not planning on a Christmas tree this year, I had to get creative with ways to display my favorite ornaments. 

The entry way got a few holiday touches too.

The dining room chandelier got decked out with greenery and snowy ornaments. The shelves got a fuzzy felt garland and a Uncle Roland's drawing of the Savior as a reminder of the reason for the season.

The wooden nativity my dad made for me when I was a kid is on display.

So much character. :)

Pine trees and my new favorite candle holder furthers the woodsinessness. 

It's my blog and I'll make up words if I want to.

This is the result of assigning Andrew to decorate his antlers. The poor birdies! 

He won't let me fix them because apparently, this is flippin' hilarious.

After I took these pictures, our friends found out we weren't cutting down a tree this year. It seems they found this unacceptable, because they showed up the next day on our door step with this sweet, little artificial one. :)

Check out 2012's holiday home tour right here. I kind of went all out last year. 

Happy holidays, all!


Unknown said...

I am s loving the wooden nativity your father made for you as a child. it still looks so fresh. thank you for sharing

Elisabeth@Beautify and Organize said...

I love that nativity set! What a priceless gift and heirloom!

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