THIS just posted on Teachers Pay Teachers! Over 20 pages of art activities and graphic organizers to aid in your art instruction of elementary-aged students! It covers a vast number of topics usually covered in an Art 101 course, but geared toward those little learners and can be assembled into cute, little learning booklets

This bundle includes the following subjects:
  • Art Media
  • The Color Wheel 
  • Primary & Secondary Colors
  • Complementary Colors
  • Optical Color Mixing (pointillism)
  • Cool & Warm Colors
  • Value (tint & shade)
  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Texture
  • Symmetrical Balance
  • Asymmetrical Balance
  • Perspective
  • Positive & Negative Space
  • Facial Proportions
  • Drawing Portraits
  • Artist Study
  • Art Critique

A Sneak Peek:
Fun, age-appropriate art critique organizer that allows students to collect information about an art piece as well as report their personal opinions! Can be applied over and over to any art being studied!

Clean, straightforward activity pages about color theory!

Experiment with color! Make that tree appear green without using a green crayon!

This packet was so fun to make, art being a particular favorite of mine. And these are so fun to put into action! Pull out the crayons and paint and use these engaging lesson resources throughout the year! 

Best Wishes,
Mrs. Ashmore

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