A True Man

I walked into the kitchen to say goodbye to Andrew (I was headed to a bridal shower) and found him with a dish towel over his shoulder, mixing a cake batter, and listening to Kelly Pickler sing over the radio. It was an amusing and endearing image, and it made me smile as I walked out the door.
Andrew is the kind of guy that would do all of this (and spend the evening watching High School Musical 3 with his wife) only to wake up the next morning to go weight lifting, change the oil in the car, and use a chop saw to finish the trim on the new kitchen floor.
Talk about a real man! =)
P.S. The cake turned out delish! Best frosting I've ever had actually.


Mindi Blake said...

It does look yummy. Pretty impressive.

Jessica said...

The thing I like best about Andrew. . . is that he makes you happy and gives you lots of reasons to smile. Thank goodness for wonderful husbands!

Ryan said...

Okay, yeah, it may have tasted good...but really andrew...judging by the picture...couldn't the presentation have been a little better? Try doing a few roses or something next time! Love you both!!! mom a

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