The 2nd Annual Gingerbread house building get-together was a success...well, I guess depending upon what you consider to be the meaning of success. This is Andrew's gingerbread box with gumdrops. After several vigorous tests, Andrew proclaimed it to be earthquake proof.
After more experiments with flying remote controls, Andrew concluded that his structure was NOT however, airplane crash proof.

Jared thought his was #1 though.
Amanda's cute pregnant self built an impressive 2-story mansion.

I was mostly proud of my chimney. And the snowman.

The only things missing from the evening were our Hayashi and Blevin friends. We miss you guys. =(

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Corrine said...

awe... we miss you too! when I saw this post the 1st thing i thought of was all our ginger bread houses from last year. ;) i miss having good friends!

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