I love to make lists. Lists give me a sense of organization and power in a world of stress and worry. When there is a lot to be done or a lot to think about, my brain can't handle focusing on one thing at a time. It tries to solve all of the world's problems at once...and then bad things happen and nothing gets done (think along the lines of tantrums and full-blown meltdowns). Being a perfectionist probably doesn't help much either. As a result, I resort to writing lists for anything and everything that pop into my mind: groceries to buy, chores to accomplish/errands to run, students who need extra help, items to pack for a vacation, favorite baby names, Christmas gift ideas, things that annoy me, famous people I've met, life-changing books, recipes to try, things I'd like to learn more about, funny things my students say, and...I'll even admit, businesses in Southeast Idaho with names that sound dirty (you'd be surprised at how many there are...but I'll refrain from sharing that one).
Instead, I'll share my current list of favorite things--things that make Rachel Ashmore happy. If Oprah can do it, why can't I? I'll just humor myself into thinking people would even care without me having my own talk show, magazine, or a million dollar fortune. In no particular order...

1. Dinner Schedules
While we're on the topic of lists, dinner schedules are among my favorite things. I don't mind cooking dinner so much...it's the having to come up with something every single night when I'm tired that drives me crazy. Especially when my husband's only help with the decision is to assure me that: "whatever you make is fine, dear." Too many of these nights turn in to popcorn and cereal for dinner...simply because I don't want to have to come up with anything else. This list is a lifesaver. I spend 10 minutes jotting down a schedule 1-2 weeks in advance, and then I'm set. Dinner time is relatively stress free! I also find I'm wiser with the food we have and ingredients are less likely to spoil before I remember to use them.

2. Settlers of Catan

I love, love it! I apologize to any friends of ours who feel that we're social only to play with your game. It's only partly true.

3. Colorful Socks

Wearing colorful, fun socks, even with tennis shoes and jeans (or black dress pants for that matter) over top of them, can make my day so happy. If you ever see me looking especially chipper...ask to see my socks.

4. Dimples

More specifically, Andrew's dimples. All I have to say is: if Andrew doesn't pass those adorable genes on to our children, he's going to be in big trouble, Mr.

5. Bath and Body Works Hand Soap

Transforms any hand washing experience into a heavenly walk through an apple orchard. But I can't justify spending 5 bucks for a little bottle of this stuff when I can get a gallon of hand soap for 99 cents at Sam's Club. Oh well. I guess you now know what I'd spend my sweepstakes winnings on.

6. Tumbleweeds

It's kinda hard to explain. For some reason, one of these rolling down the street make me grin from ear to ear. They are so funny to me! I guess it just seems like something you'd only see in cartoons and old Westerns.

7. Blogging

It combines so many things that make me happy. I enjoy writing, journaling, scrapbooking, taking pictures, and staying in contact with friends and family. (And yes, I may have told people once or twice just to look at my blog rather than just telling them about something.)

8. Musicals

I'm one of those who actually like it when characters in a story randomly break out into song and dance. Andrew and I do it in real life all the time (definitely recommend that). When Maria runs over the hills with her arms outstretched, or Elphaba rises in the air promising to fight the wizard with all her power, or Gene Kelley dances those tap shoes through the rain with such grace...I totally get goosebumps. There are a few exceptions however. Carousel and Showboat teach horrible lessons, and little ophan Annie singing "The sun'll come out tooo-morrowww!" makes me want to throw tomatoes...and explosive devices.



9. Father of the Bride Movies

I am a huge movie watcher and would find it impossible to name just one favorite. However, these ones are close pretty close to the top. If you haven't seen these classics already, take my word for it and check 'em out. I like the 2nd one even better than the 1st. I've seen them at least 30 times and yet I still laugh out loud every time. Martin Short is a frickin' comic genius.

10. Books on Tape

I love to read and rarely have as much time for it as I would like. I'm also a multi-tasker who hates to waste time. To solve both of these problems, I frequent the public library where I can check out as many books on tape/CD as I want. Just by driving to work and home again and running a few errands a week, I have listened to countless books: Helen Keller's autobiography, The New Testament, probably 15 Junie B. Jones books, Shackletons's Antarctic Adventure, Cricket in Time's Square, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The History of Classical Music, Emma, and Stargirl just to name a few. I am currently in the middle of Little Women for the first time. (loving it!)


11. Children's Chewable Vitamins

I struggle to swallow giant adult pills. I feel like they sit in my throat for days afterward. Chewable pills have been the answer. But honestly, why do they even have those giant horse pills for adults? Wouldn't everyone prefer fun-shaped, candy-tasting ones instead? (Don't you just love Andrew in the background trying to figure out why the heck I am taking pictures of my vitamin bottle?)

12. Red

My all-time favorite color. You wouldn't be able to tell from standing in my living room though.

13. Canning Jars

I have a whole set of them that I use as water glasses. They just make me feel happy and domestic...like we live in an old farmhouse or something.

14. Corner Pieces
They're just the best. Crunchy, chewy goodness that can't be matched by any other pieces from the pan. Andrew was a genius and started making brownies in 2 small square pans instead of one large 9x11 pan. Twice as many corner pieces!! (BELOW: I plan to own one of these pans some day. Every single piece is an edge piece! What a glorious thought! Too bad there wouldn't be any pieces for Andrew.)

15. Run-less Nylons

Ladies, I don't know if you can relate, but I have the hardest time keeping my nylons "run free" for more than a few uses. It is so frustrating...especially here in Idaho where nylons are a necessity in these ridiculous winters. A brand new pair without a run spreading mercilessly down my leg just makes me feel "good all under."

Now, what silly things make your list of favorites?


Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE! I love reading your blog. It makes me smile every time. Hope your Christmas is a wonderful one - filled with favorites.

Kristin said...


Maybe this seems stalker-ish, but I figure we're family so it's okay. I'm Andrew's cousin, Kristin. I found your blog a while ago and I have to say that I love reading about your guys' life in Idaho.

Also, I think dimples runs in the family, so I think you guys have a good chance of having dimpled children.

Happy Holidays to you both!


Erin said...

I love your favorite things! It's always enjoyable to read your blog. We like so many of the same things, it's always confusing to me why we were never closer friends when we were roommates.

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