I seem to remember mentioning that we name our cars. My family has since I was little, and I suspect others do the same. Here is a family photo album of the cars that have come and gone in my life.

My first car was an old 2-door Toyota Tercel. She was good to me. She was loyal, hard working, and all mine. She was my baby. I can't count the number of times I had to encourage her up a steep hill with cries of, "C'mon, Baby! You can do it, girl!" She and I went on many drives together, when I needed to escape...working that stick shift like a race car driver. I loved her like an old friend.

Sadly, this is the only picture I have of the ol' girl...which is really only a picture of me...six years ago...looking very orange.

Despite her old age, Baby let me put an insane amount of miles on her until one day, she just kind of melted from the inside out. I had to actually pay someone to take her and give her a proper burial.

Within a month, I met Andrew. He was working full-time, and living the high single life. As such, he could afford his brand-new Dodge Ram. Her name was Roxy.

Roxy holds a special place in my heart, because she took us on our first date, was around for the long good night kisses of engaged life, traveled with us on our honeymoon, and to our new home in Rexburg. However, Roxy was too expensive for newly-wed college students to keep long-term. And we needed two vehicles.

So we traded with Andrew's sister for a more affordable Toyota Camry, and then bought a beater Dodge Dakota pick-up for Andrew. The Dakota was quickly dubbed: Dusty. It just seem to fit. The Camry, luxurious beyond anything I had ever driven, was named after what she appeared to be in my eyes: Porsche. Power windows and a working air conditioner?? I had never owned such a vehicle in my life!

About a year later, again seeking smaller payments, we traded Porsche in and got a Dodge Status. She has been my mode of transportation for a couple of years now, and we are getting along swimmingly. But I still haven't gotten over the power windows and air conditioning bit. It still blows my mind. I call this one Lexus.
What if I actually end up with a real Lexus one day, you ask? I don't know, I'd probably name her Bessie or something. Or Butch.

But speaking of Lexus, I got in the car this week after work, and happened to notice that she was at exactly 50,000 miles. I thought it was worth documenting...even if only with my cell phone camera.

About the same time that we got Lexus, Andrew traded Dusty in for a more reliable, and actually, a more affordable truck. Andrew picked the name: Candy. I realize that this isn't the toughest of names for a big, manly truck, but Andrew is very adamant on the fact that all vehicles are female. So "Candy," she is.
On a side note, we will own Candy free and clear after one more payment. What a beautiful feeling...

This accomplishment was made possible in part, by the sale of Mia the Miata! (Click HERE for more of her story.)

Anyway. What is your car's name and personality?

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