focal point

1.The point at which all radiation coming from a single direction and passing through alens or striking a mirror converges. Also called focus .

a central point of attention or interest

Mom used to always ask us:
"What was the best part and the worst part of your day?" This was her way, of avoiding the all too common: "My day was fine, Mom. Nothing happened." This question required a deeper response.
With this in mind, I'd like to pick out the "focal points" from each week and record them in this on-line journal of mine: best and worst.

I think I broke my finger. Both joints are purple, I can't bend it all the way, and I ain't never gettin' these wedding rings off (not that that's so horrible).
But how could such a thing happen, you ask?
It all seems to stem from the point where Andrew threw a football at me. Rude, right?
We'll ignore the fact that I voluntarily agreed to play catch with my fall/football season-fever infected husband in the backyard. And that I'm a wussy girl whose stupid finger got in the way, ruining all our fun.

It is Spud Harvest 'round these parts. School-age children all through southeast Idaho, are out in fields with their families to help bring in the potato crop. I, on the other hand, spend an entire week relaxin' at home. In my lime green socks.

It is a beautiful thing my friends.
(The week away from work, I mean. Not the socks.)

Happy Friday!

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Kristin said...

wait. what? there's no school because of spud week??

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