Here are this week's focal points.
Only one more Friday before Thanksgiving break.

I feel like crap. My throat burneth, my nose runneth, and my head hurteth like the dickens (if anyone knows what "the dickens" are exactly, please share. 'Cause I haven't the foggiest)

In a netshell...I am sick. And managing a classroom this way is miserable.

Becca left this week for New York City.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not happy to get rid of her...I'm just happy she's so happy. It was a highly competitive internship expedition, and her acceptance is something to be proud of.

She's becoming quite the traveling lady. She was back from Europe only a couple of months ago, and now she is off to the The Big Apple.

Plus, she modeled and made me analyze every outfit she packed...for New-York-City-fashion-appropriateness. Like I would know.
But it made me feel involved. And I expect a dang good souvenir gift as payment for my input when she returns.
I realize this isn't the best thing to happen to me this week. But this news just beats out all of my languishing on the couch surrounded by used Kleenex.

Near death, I might add.

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Tori said...

I realize this was posted about a year ago, which proves what kind of a stalker I am when it comes to your blog, but I just had to say that "the dickens" refers to Charles Dickens, the author who wrote several classic stories which were quite frankly, downers. This is where the phrase "the dickens" comes from.

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