I took some pictures of my nieces at Brad and Erin's wedding that I am particularly proud of.

But I have to say that it helps when your nieces look like models to begin with.

Lovely blue-eyed Nicole

Whitney with her flawless, graceful features.

That picture had such a classic, vintage look to it that I played around on the computer to give it burnt edges and an old photo quality. Just for fun.

I'm just IN LOVE with this shot.

Rachel, take our picture!

Here's another niece. She's the sweetest thing since...who knows what. When I expressed to Andrew my desire to EAT her, Andrew just told me I was weird.

Her back was to me when I wanted a picture. When I called out:

Adelle! Look at me!

This is what I got--that precious gal calmly holding her pose for a good 5-10 seconds. Andrew and I almost died at her cuteness.


Andrea said...

Nicole and Whitney are so beautiful. Great pictures.
Those shots of Adelle are perfect...little miss personality!

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

You should put an old looking texture over the vintage looking one...that would be awesome!

Jessica said...

Wow! Gorgeous! I wish we lived closer so you could capture my Ethan and Emi. Great work! You just get better and better!

Rach said...

great pictures! you really do have such a gift.

hope you are feeling better, i too can not wait for thanksgiving "break" (chad has a few days off).
just think only a few more days...YOU CAN DO IT!

Chanelle said...

Nice pictures!!! I`ve expressed my desire to bite cute babies to Aaron before as well. He doesn`t understand. Must be a girl thing.

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