FOCAL POINT FRIDAY--much needed break

Hello, again! How happy I am it's Friday!
Here are this week's focal points:

We had a field trip today. I hate field trips' stinkin' guts. They are never as fun for the teacher as they are for the kids, and I am TIRED.

We're going to a concert tonight!
I have been listening to Collin Raye's songs since elementary school. I have many memories of sitting in the back seat of our old, air condition-less car, on a blazing Arizona freeway, singing my heart out to these on the radio.
Here are a few I am hoping to hear tonight (that you'll probably recognize):

One Boy, One Girl--Listen/Watch HERE
Little Rock--Listen/Watch HERE
I Think About You--Listen/Watch HERE
That's My Story--Listen/Watch HERE
Love, Me--Listen/Watch HERE
And My All-Time Favorite:
{Listen for the violins in the bridge. Such a happy sound!}

1 comment:

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Jealous!!! I LOVE Collin Raye! Totally no fair!

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