When I first discovered this site, I spent WAY too much time there playin' around. It is addicting.

The way it works: type in words about whatever you want. Here, I was selfish and chose the topic of me. Words that you want to appear bigger, you type it into the box multiple times. Then, you click on the GO button, and it creates a "word cloud." An artistic collage that you can scramble to format differently or change the colors.

Here's one to represent Andrew and I and our little life. {tilt your head--it's sideways}

I made one to represent our courtship months. It is kind of busy looking, but I like how it includes all the people, places, and things to tell the story of that time period. {also sideways}

You can create word clouds about anything. Here I made one using my favorite lines from my favorite Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing.

Using the same words, I just re-scrambled it and changed the colors to give it a completely new look.
I love this one.

This is an outdated creation {Brad, Nicole, Whitney, and Alex need to be added} representing the family {also sideways}.

I have this idea to form word clouds to print, frame, and hang as part of collage of pictures in my house. I think they look cool. And the possibilities are endless.

Go check it out! Have fun!

1 comment:

Lindsey Springfield said...

So cool!!! thanks for sharing :) im gonna use for my little boys room

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